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If you are a barbecue enthusiast, you have likely come across the term "Offset Smoker" in your quest for the perfect smoky flavors. One brand that stands out in the world of offset smokers is BarrelBossQ. These offset smokers are not only built to last, but they also provide exceptional results when it comes to smoking meats. The design of the BarrelBossQ offset smokers is carefully crafted to ensure optimal heat distribution, allowing for consistent and even cooking throughout the entire smoking process. The thick, heavy-duty steel construction of these smokers helps retain heat and maintain a steady temperature, resulting in perfectly smoked meats every time. Additionally, the spacious cooking area provides ample room to smoke large quantities of food, making it an ideal choice for gatherings and parties. The attention to detail and craftsmanship that goes into creating these offset smokers is truly impressive, making BarrelBossQ a trusted and reliable brand among barbecue enthusiasts. Whether you are a seasoned pitmaster or a backyard grilling enthusiast, investing in a BarrelBossQ offset smoker will undoubtedly elevate your barbecue game to new heights.

At BarrelBossQ, we are committed to bringing you the finest in custom-made offset smokers. For years, we have been perfecting our craft and providing our customers with unparalleled customer service. From the moment you contact us, we will work with you to design the perfect offset smoker that meets your specific needs. All of our products are carefully crafted using only the finest materials available to ensure that every smoker we sell is of the highest quality.


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The BarrelBossQ 500 gallon offset smoker is a masterpiece of expert craftsmanship and precision. Our carefully designed smokers ensure optimal heat distribution, guaranteeing consistent and even cooking from start to finish. The thick, heavy-duty steel construction not only retains heat but also maintains a steady temperature, providing you with the perfect environment for achieving mouth-watering flavors and tender meats. With the BarrelBossQ 500 gallon offset smoker, you can elevate your BBQ game and impress your guests with professional-quality results every time.  Prices start at $8500.00 CAD


The BarrelBossQ DBL 500-gallon offset smoker, the ultimate tool to elevate your cooking capabilities. With not one, but two 500-gallon smokers, you'll have ample space to smoke and grill delicious meals for any occasion. Our offset smoker is designed with precision and attention to detail, ensuring optimal heat distribution and consistent results. Whether you're a seasoned pitmaster or a backyard grilling enthusiast, the BarrelBossQ DBL 500-gallon offset smoker will take your cooking game to the next level. Get ready to impress your friends and family with mouthwatering flavors and perfectly cooked meats.

Prices start at $17,000 CAD

How does an Offset Smoker Work?

An offset smoker relies on the indirect flow of heat and smoke from the firebox to the cooking chamber to slow-cook and smoke food. Proper temperature regulation and careful monitoring are essential to achieve the desired results in terms of flavor and texture.


The firebox is a separate chamber attached to the side of the main cooking chamber. It is typically a smaller box with its own door for adding fuel (such as charcoal or wood) and a vent or chimney for controlling airflow. A fire is built in the firebox, and as the fuel burns, it generates heat and smoke.

Heat and Smoke Flow:
The heat and smoke produced in the firebox travel through a connecting pipe or opening between the firebox and the cooking chamber. This opening is often placed at the bottom of the cooking chamber, allowing the heat and smoke to rise and circulate around the food.  This flow is regulated by adjustments on the firebox door.

Cooking Chamber:
The main cooking chamber is where the food is placed for smoking. It is a larger chamber with cooking grates and a lid.  The heat and smoke enter the cooking chamber, surrounding the food, and exit through a chimney located on the opposite side of the firebox.

Temperature Regulation:
Temperature control is achieved by adjusting the airflow through the firebox and the chimney. The dampers on the firebox and chimney can be opened or closed to regulate the amount of oxygen that reaches the fire.  More oxygen results in a hotter fire, while less oxygen cools the fire. This allows for precise control over the cooking temperature.

Even Cooking:
The offset design of the smoker promotes even cooking because the heat and smoke travel across the entire length of the cooking chamber before exiting. This eliminates hot spots and provides a consistent temperature for slow cooking and smoking.


Fuel Types:
Offset smokers are versatile and can use various types of fuel, including charcoal, wood, or a combination of both. Wood chunks or logs are often used to impart a distinct smoky flavor to the food.  Dry wood should be used for optimal cooking conditions. 

The cook needs to monitor the temperature inside the cooking chamber using built-in thermometers or additional temperature gauges. This helps ensure that the desired cooking temperature is maintained throughout the smoking process.

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How does an offset smoker work
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