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Experience the Ultimate Barbecue with the BarrelBossQ 500 Gallon DBL Offset Smoker.  

If you're serious about barbecuing, meet your new best friend.  This game-changing smoker is designed for the ultimate cooking experience, with 2 massive 500-gallon size that takes your cooking capability to a whole new level. The durable construction ensures long-lasting use, while the adjustable louvers give you precise control over the airflow for perfectly cooked meats every time. The firebox without insulation maintains a steady temperature, granting you the flexibility to test out various cooking techniques and recipes. With three removable cooking grates, you can smoke a range of meats and vegetables simultaneously, saving time and effort. The swivel handles make it easy to transport and adjust the smoker as needed, while the built-in thermometers allow you to monitor the internal temperature without opening the smoker. Cleanup is a breeze with the stainless steel drain can, ensuring any excess liquids are efficiently drained away. The BarrelBossQ 500 DBL is not only a culinary masterpiece but also a stylish addition to your cooking setup.    

We offer a range of upgrades to customize your smoker, including a trailer, counterweights, insulated firebox, collapsible stack, slide-out top and bottom racks, stainless steel front shelf, wood storage, sink compartments, lockable doors, and more. Click the link below to start pricing your custom build and take your barbecuing to new heights with the BarrelBossQ 500 DBL Gallon Offset Smoker.

Upgrade to the Smoker of Your Dreams

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