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Grilled Meat

Mr November

Michael Schimbo

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My name is Michael Schimborski aka “Schimbo”. I started out grilling for my family and after every new recipe hearing “this is the best ____ I’ve ever had, I decided to start sharing my new found talents with others. I specialize in beef jerky now with the occasional small scale catering mainly for close friends and family. My kids love that I’m the “griller” and are my main drive for all I do. 

One of my favorite recipe’s is Brisket Hash

  1. Smoke brisket for 16 hours

  2. Chop into cubes, sauté onion, peppers, garlic till brown

  3. Add cooked hash browns, brisket, & crack a few eggs right into the skillet while smoking

  4. Right before done top with scallions. BBQ rubdown base coat on top to add the perfect amount of salt/pepper/garlic. 

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