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  • SMKBOSS 500

    The 500 gallon offset BBQ smoker is a large smoker that is designed for serious BBQ enthusiasts. It has a 500-gallon cooking chamber that is perfect for cooking large quantities of meat at once. This smoker is designed to be used with wood or charcoal. 

    Interested in cooking for large crowds, markets, and restaurant capacity - the SMKBOSS 500 is what you need to take your cooking on the road. 


    This smoker shown was upgraded with a roll-out Santa Maria grill, wood storage with stainless steel tops, a custom handwash station and additional storage space at the front of the trailer, as well as a custom logo mounted on the firebox.  


    All smokers are built in Canada and the process we use - we guarantee your build will not have any residue from its previous contents.  


    Prices starting at  $14,900 CAD

    Please reach out directly to discuss your custom build 587-545-5678 or email

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