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About Us


Hot summer weather, swimming, bon fires, social gatherings and outdoor cooking have always been a labor of love for Troy and Kelly along with there 4 children. Troy started out as a fabrication welder with a passion and tenacity for running his own fabrication business since 2007. Kelly has had the hardest job - being a stay at home mother along with running our company and being obviously, the best BBQ chef our family has ever known. 

In 2018, Troy and Kelly, along with other BBQ fanatic's and industry professionals, set out on a journey to manufacture a true Canadian made product that showcased how we much we love and appreciate our passion for BBQ and everything outdoors ~ any time of year!


We now bring our dedication and commitment into handcrafting each “ BarrelBossQ”  - our Canadian grill and smoker drum. The design has been influenced by seasoned masters of BBQ to provide any skill level from backyard Pit boss with a beer in hand to top tier pit masters with the eyes on the title, the perfect results for your BBQ creation. From Memphis to Texas style, any meat, thin or thick, cooked slow or fast, we truly believe that your new BarrelBossQ will become the "go to" tool in your culinary art adventure like it has for us.

From our family to yours,     

Let's get Grilling!!

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