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BOSS Accessories


Waterproof & Heavy Duty

Will fit All Competitors Drums



BOSS Chicken Dividers



The ultimate tool for achieving consistency in your next

BBQ competition. 


Slide n Smoke 3.PNG

The Ultimate Grate for your BarrelBossQ Charcoal Smoker with the Door !  

Level Up Your Cooking


Next Level Cooking for other

brands of cookers

Starting at


BOSS Authority Burger Press

BOSS Authority Press 

Make Them A Burger 

They Can't Refuse



Drum smoker and a griddle!

We are bringing them together for the ultimate cooking experience !!! 


Barrel Boss Q Low & Slow Diffuser Plate


The perfect accessory for

Low & Slow cooking method.

Choose your size - starting at $39.99

Barrel Boss Q Side Table


Custom Designed to fit

Your BarrelBossQ

Gotta Put Your Bevy Somewhere !



Maximized Airflow & get that charcoal lit FAST !

c/w chimney grate



 Add the Door to your

BarrelBossQ Drums 

*also fits other brands

Starting at $200.00

SMoking with Trom.png

Customize Your Grill Grate

with your team logo or name.

Starting at $189.99


These grates will fit your

PK grill 12.5" x 15.5"

Starting at





Simple & Effective Design

to Hang Your Meat





Bring your Cooking Level - UP!

Will Fit other Cookers too !



The perfect accessory for 

Hot & Fast cooking method.


Barrel Boss Q Bug Smoker

An affordable and eco-friendly way to create an effective deterrent for your outdoor space.



Looking for a badass way to showcase your logo?



Dalton Eats_edited.jpg

Showcase your Brand !

Add your Custom logo to the

BOSS Access Door for 

only $190.00

BarrelBossQ Products (15)_edited.jpg

Take your Boss Drum smoker to the next level with our ultimate do-it-yourself parts.  Upgrade your smoking game today with our Boss Drum Parts.

click below for more details


Expand your indoor cooking space with the Boss Stovetop Griddle



Easy to Use

Delicious - Juicy Flavors 

Every Cook


Low & Slow or Hot & fast (9).png



Changing the way you cook in

your charcoal drum smoker




Quit crushing your wires with the lid. 


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