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Introducing the BarrelBossQ 500 gallon offset smoker, a true game-changer for barbecue enthusiasts. With its impressive 500-gallon size, this smoker takes your cooking capability to a whole new level. The sturdy construction ensures durability, while the adjustable louvers allow for precise control of airflow, resulting in perfectly cooked meats every time. Equipped with an uninsulated firebox, this smoker efficiently maintains consistent temperatures, giving you the freedom to experiment with different cooking styles and recipes. The three removable cooking grates provide ample space to smoke a variety of meats and vegetables simultaneously, saving you time and effort. Designed for convenience, the BarrelBossQ 500 features aluminum swivel handles for easy maneuverability, making it effortless to transport or adjust the smoker as needed. Two built-in thermometers allow you to monitor the internal temperature without opening the smoker, ensuring your food is cooked to perfection. Cleaning up after a successful barbecue session is a breeze with the stainless steel drain can, ensuring any excess liquids are efficiently drained away. This smoker not only elevates your cooking skills but also adds a touch of style to your outdoor cooking setup. Take your barbecuing to new heights with the BarrelBossQ gallon offset smoker and experience the joy of creating mouthwatering, smoky flavors that will impress family and friends at every gathering.

We offer many upgrades to a trailer, counterweights, insulated fire-box, collapsible stack, slide out top & bottom racks, stainless steel front shelf, wood storage, sink compartments, lockable doors and the list goes on.

Click the link below to start pricing out your custom build

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