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Welcome !!!

We want to take the time to showcase some of the amazing members of the BBQ community that have become part of the BarrelBossQ family

We are so proud to watch these BBQ lovers grow and share their passion using their BarrelBossQ Charcoal Drum Smokers!

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Chance’s bbq days started when he was a kid, learning to cook meat caveman style, over a campfire. His passion for bbq was ignited and his pursuit to make incredible bbq was started.  Like most, as he enter adulthood he was drawn into the gas barbecue world because of whizzbang gadgets and convenience. These dark ages were used to hone his skill and creativity.  There may have been a few crispy and shoe leather like bbq meals served during this time, but those are now only spoken of in hushed tones.


Fast forward to 2018 and end to the draconian gas bbq era was over! Enter the pellet grill! Chance fell in love with wood cooking so much he ended up burning through his first pellet grill in a year. A brand upgrade and another 1.5 years of pellet grilling, Chance wanted to expand his barbecue flavor spectrum and embrace a new cooking challenge. BarrelBossQ entered the scene and it was love at first site. Chance collaborated with the creative minds at BarrelBossQ, and the Charcoal Assassin was born. A new chapter has started and adventure awaits.


His social media presence was a complete accident and stemmed from his teenage son pressing him to make an Instagram page to share his cooks with friends and family as they were spread across the country.  What’s next for Get Smoked BBQ……..I guess we will have to wait and see!


Chance wants to send a special thanks to Mrs. G.S.B. for all her support and BBQ sauce/rub making skills!

Overview of the True North Drum Smoker

How to Light a BarrelBossQ

The Part-Timer's BBQ

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Maxx Gregg has a passion for BBQ which has  grown over the past 10 years and has gone full tilt within the world of BBQ in the last 3 years. 
His love for BBQ started when he took a trip as a  21 year old man to Austin Texas and learned the Texas style BBQ and continued he worked at one of the first southern BBQ joints in Toronto.

Maxx started his IG page to showcase and grow his knowledge before he took the jump into creating his YouTube channel The Part-Timer's BBQ - YouTube

Maxx is a family man, a father of 3,  and thanks his wife for pushing him to spread BBQ love to anyone willing to listen.

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