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Drum smokers and griddles are two different types of outdoor cooking equipment, however - we are bringing them together for the ultimate cooking experience !!! 


This flat cooking surface is  great for cooking things like pancakes, eggs, and bacon, and they can also be used to cook burgers, steaks, shrimp and other meats or vegetables. They're versatile, easy to clean and make your outdoor cooking experience even better.

This will fit other brands of smokers that have the same diameter

  • 21.5" diameter
  • 1/8" steel plate
  • 2 welded handles
  • weight approx 14lbs 


*It is recommended that a cook is performed on the second level of cooking and a Sear Combo heat deflector plate be used with this accessory.

*you must be mindful of your temperatures so you do not damage your drums coating

Drum Griddle

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