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As the Mother of 4 amazing children you find yourself in the kitchen more often than not. Yeah, I just said that! Someone's always hungry, needing a snack or wanting to know what's for supper. You learn pretty quickly to make the best of it and that's exactly what I've done over the years. I am an artistic person and love to create new things; whether it be on paper, hair and makeup or in the kitchen/behind my Traeger. I'm always coming up with new recipes or putting my own unique twist on the classics. There is something incredibly therapeutic about cooking that's done wonders for my mental health. I've struggled with depression and anxiety most of my life and when I'm going through a rough patch aside from watching a football game or sitting around a campfire at the lake, there's no better distraction then cranking some tunes and whipping up a killer meal that will have my family smiling through every bite!

Born and raised in a very small town in Manitoba, Shasta-Marie recently relocated to the city with her family. As they say "you can take the girl out of the country but you can't take the country out of the girl". Her one stipulation about the move was having the space for her grill. The backyard views may not be the same but the food is just as delicious!
Oh and... GO BOMBERS!!!!

Ann Beth is a self-proclaimed

︎Professional Cocktailian,

︎Amateur Griller, and

︎Bubble Bath + Champagne Enthusiast.


This Augusta GA native is a dog mom to multiple four-legged castoffs, having never met a dog she didn’t like. Ann Beth wakes up every day cultivating her philosophical precept #eatdrinkbemerryrepeat. She invites you to pour yourself a stiff drink + follow her on her Instagram journey @nakedepicurean.

Meatloaf Pie


1lb Lean GB
1lb Med Ground Pork
2 eggs
3/4 cup Bread Crumbs
2 tbsp Phlippen Original
1tbsp 1908 Quantum Beef Rub
2tbsp Just Give'r the Seasoning
1/2 tbsp Smoked Paprika
1tbsp Worcestirshire
1 small onion (diced)
3 Garlic cloves (minced)
1pkg Bacon (weaved)
Stonewall Kitchen Honey Sriracha BBQ Sauce for Glazing (I cannot stress it enough-This was THE PERFECT finishing flavour!!!)

Combine the first 11 ingredients. Form meat mixture into Pie plate for shape. Carefully emove from pie plate, top woth bacon weave and set directly on Traeger 780Pro @275° for 2 hours. Brush with BBQ sauce and finish @350° for 30 mins.

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