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Ann Beth is a self-proclaimed

︎Professional Cocktailian,

︎Amateur Griller, and

︎Bubble Bath + Champagne Enthusiast.


This Augusta GA native is a dog mom to multiple four-legged castoffs, having never met a dog she didn’t like. Ann Beth wakes up every day cultivating her philosophical precept #eatdrinkbemerryrepeat. She invites you to pour yourself a stiff drink + follow her on her Instagram journey @nakedepicurean.

Hi I'm Rhonda, aka "Just a Girl and Her Kitchen"

I have a passion for cooking and love creating amazing food and recipe development. I have been cooking all of my life and my niche style is creating outdoor grilled, smoked and bbq foods. I am also a food photographer / videographer and use social media to showcase my dishes. Check out my Instagram page

"Just a Girl and her Kitchen@macdogbbq

Keto Burger Bites

(makes 11)



454g (1lb) 80/20 ground beef

45g sweet onion micro plained w/juices

(Approx 1/4 of an onion)

15ml (1tbsp) Tasty Sear Gourmet 

15ml (1tbsp) Dayum Competition Sauce

5ml (1tsp) Dayum Savory Mediterranean 

1 egg beaten

Burger Bite Fixens 

3 slices of cheddar cheese (cut into 4 pieces)

11 slices of dill pickle (about 1/2’ thick)

6 mini grape tomatoes (cut in half)

11 butter lettuce leaves (or your desired lettuce) 

11 skewers or toothpicks 



Preheat grill to 400F / 204C


Mix onion and juices, all seasonings, sauce and beaten egg until well combined, then add beef and mix just enough to combine (do not over mix). Weigh out 1.5oz balls and shape into a puck. 


Place on preheated grill and cook for 7 minutes and then flipping each patty and cooking on other side for 4 minutes add cheese and cook to IT 165F / 74C or your desired doneness.


Remove from grill and assemble 

Burger, lettuce, pickle, tomato and a skewer or toothpick


Eat and Enjoy 


  • All rubs used are from Neil Sarap

  • Seasonings of choice also be used

  • Can be made ahead and placed in the fridge until ready to cook

  • Can be shaped into pucks and frozen for quick and easy meal prep for a fast midweek meal

  • Working with cold ground beef allows your burgers to keep their shape and stay nicely together

  • Recipe is easily doubled





Youtube: Just A Girl And Her Kitchen 

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