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1st Place recipients of the International Flavour Awards for their Savoury Beef Jerky !

The Smokehouse 93 Journey began in May 2019 when Brad Thompson and Steve Holliday met on Instagram to collaborate for BBQ competitions. After discussing big plans, it came to the for front that they both wanted a career change. 

Brad and Steve dropped their full time positions and entered into a venture of converting a gas station built in 1956, to a full fledged BBQ Restaurant. 

Since that day they haven’t looked back and the Restaurant is now open 7 days a week In Invermere, British Columbia. 

Smokehouse 93 packages and provides 4 different Southern Style BBQ sauces, 5 BBQ Rub & seasonings, with a menu that consists of 6 different slow smoked meats and sides that are prepared fresh daily, using above grade ingredients.

If you’re in the Columbia Valley be prepared to Smell the Smoke and Taste the Flavour at Smokehouse 93!

Brisket Burnt Ends

Smoke a brisket until it reaches an internal temp of 204 – 208degrees.

Slice up the point of the brisket, after its been fully smoked to 1 ½” x 1 ½” cubes.

Glaze the cubes in honey, brisket drippings and your favourite BBQ sauce.

Put in a pan uncovered and back on the smoker for 30mins

Your life will change forever, and your taste spuds will be thanking you.

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