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    "TRUE NORTH" series grill and smoker is the Original Canadian Charcoal Drum Smoker. Designed by everyday grillers, seasoned pit masters and patio competitors to provide any skill level griller the perfect results for your “BBQ” creation.  From Memphis to Texas style, any meat, thin or thick, and cooked slow or fast, this Barrel will become your "go to" tool in your culinary art adventure.


    Each BarrelBossQ is a 100 % Hand-Crafted in Canada & proudly manufactured in Leduc County, Alberta. Designed to be user-friendly, affordable, highly durable, efficient, and portable.

    All our smokers and accessories are media blasted to bare metal, primed, powder coated and baked to 400 degrees to ensure your drums finish will last for many years to come; even in a Canadian climate !


    The vertical cook design lets the juices from the meat to drip down to the coals, creating a smoky mist to kiss the meat as it is exhausted through the vent stack. This eliminates any need for a water pan system.This cooker excels at cooking “hot and fast” and can cook ribs in less than 3 hours, pork shoulder roasts and briskets in less than 5 hours with a satisfying smoky flavor without having to stay awake all night. Its temperature is easy to control and gives consistent results time after time.


    Free yourself from the confinement of the kitchen and get outside - rain, snow, or shine! The smell of your BBQ will bring everyone to the yard, turning your meal into a social event!

    The BarrelBossQ will reinvent the way you cook - from vegetables to pizza, chicken to ribs, brisket to steaks. Your options are endless and so are your capabilities. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, the BarrelBossQ True North is for you, no exceptions!


    The True North external accessories are bolted onto the drum body.


    From Our family to Yours - Let's Get Grilling !


    What's in the Box:

    • 55 Gallon Straightwalled Drum (23.5" diameter x 36" tall)
    • Heat shield
    • High Capacity Charcoal Basket 
    • 3 Levels of Cooking Options
    • 3" Thermostat 
    • 21.5" Heavy Duty Stainless Grate
    • Choice of Hot & Fast or Low & Slow Diffuser Plate
    • Castors
    • BarrelBossQ Drum Cover

    *Assembly may be required*


    Color upgrade would be for a gloss coating for additional durability.

    *Our drums now come standard with welded feet.  The moose feet can be added upon request only


    Be sure to check out the BOSS ACCESSORIES and add them to your order

    Items you may want to include: 

    BOSS Access Door     BOSS Side Table    BOSS Sear Combo   Temp Mount & Grommet Probe


    Drum Color
    Stack Colour