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Late 2017, with nothing but some mason jars and a smoker in the garage, I came up with with this Phlippen product & knew instantly that I needed to have other people experience this diversely-layered & versatile sauce. So, since that day, I have committed everything I have to developing Phlippens into a nationwide company! 

Now, we are on the road to Phlippen greatness! The company is expanding & expanding, so keep an eye out at your local retailers for your chance to get a fresh Phlippen jar!

Phlippen Baked Tortellini

Let’s slip into something more Phlippen comfortable!
Check out this unreal recipe compliments of @poplarsmoke.bbq
Total cook time: 30 Minutes
1 Package Rainbow Tortellini - 300g
1/2 Cup Marble Cheese
1.5 Cups Alfredo Sauce
2 Tablespoons - Phlippen Original
1 Tablespoon Italian
Tip: add in Smoked Brisket or Pulled pork leftovers and an extra tablespoon of Phlippen Hot to give this dish a kick to the next level!
How to:
- Boil Tortellini until cooked and strain
- In a large bowl, mix Tortellini, Alfredo Sauce, Marble Cheese, Italian seasoning and two tablespoons of Phlippen Original
- Transfer Tortellini into cast iron skillet, top with additional shredded cheese and bake in your oven or BBQ for 20 minutes until cheese is melted
- Top skillet with additional scoop of Phlippens and serve

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