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Ann Beth is a self-proclaimed

︎Professional Cocktailian,

︎Amateur Griller, and

︎Bubble Bath + Champagne Enthusiast.


This Augusta GA native is a dog mom to multiple four-legged castoffs, having never met a dog she didn’t like. Ann Beth wakes up every day cultivating her philosophical precept #eatdrinkbemerryrepeat. She invites you to pour yourself a stiff drink + follow her on her Instagram journey @nakedepicurean.

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My name is Kirsty Redden and I live in Cambridge, England with my four children and my wonderful husband.

I have been passionate about Bbq for around 3 years now when I became an ambassador for Traeger UK, I have recently become a demo chef for Traeger and have started some event catering so watch this space! 


Bbq is not as big here in the UK but I hope I'm helping to change that one day at a time! 


I have always been a keen cook and am entirely self taught, I have fond memories of sitting on the kitchen counter watching my mother cook and trying to help her.

My mother and grandmother were definitely my inspiration and I love to eat, which obviously helps! 


My dream is to write a cook book which of course will have its fair share of Bbq recipes in it! 

Until we meet again 

Smoked Confit Tomatoes


My smoked confit tomatoes are perfect for every occasion!


1 punnet of cherry tomatoes

1 whole bulb of garlic peeled 

5 sprigs of rosemary or thyme (you choose)

Traeger veggie rub

Sea salt + pepper

Sprinkle of sugar 

Sprinkle of dried basil leaves 

Olive oil


Put all of the ingredients in a dish ( I use a loaf tin) 

Cover everything with olive oil until it just covers 

Place in the Traeger at 100c leave it until the tomatoes darken and just burst and the garlic softens, this is normally around 3.5 hours.

Spoon the tomatoes onto some french bread with prosciutto if you like ( reserve the oil for dipping bread in, the whole lot can be jarred and kept for a week of enjoyment but I promise it won't last that long! 

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