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When I first bought my custom built Charcoal Assassin drum smoker from Barrel Boss Q, I was asked by a competing drum smoker manufacturer why I would buy a drum with a funny looking door on it. My response was "Why wouldn't I? It allows me access to the lower shelf and to add fuel throughout the cook without removing racks!"


After my first cook on it that involved multiple foods on different shelves, the door proved invaluable....  I was able to rotate food without opening the top lid and losing valuable heat and time in the cooking process. After this a love affair with the door was born and with the help of a friend the term #adorethedoor was born. This hashtag represents a true evolution in drum cooking! Drums, while using manual fire management are so simplistically perfect in there nature that they are almost as set it and forget it as a pellet grill, provide that real wood smoke flavor and now with the Barrel Boss Q access door, they have the convenience of a accessing the lower shelves with zero effort!!


If you dont believe me............ check out all the Bosses that have discovered their own love affair with the Barrel Boss Q access door by following #adorethedoor 

Chance Hirsch

Pitmaster - Get Smoked BBQ  

Co-Pitmaster - Moose Knuckle BBQ Competition Team

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